Why Financial Modelling is important for Start-Ups

Date : Thu, 17-Aug-2017 For most early stage entrepreneurs, a financial model a standard spread sheet template that helps them prepare the financials slide of their Investment Pitch Deck. Start-ups find it difficult to simplify a

Parenting is the ultimate test of one’s leadership skills – Leadership lessons from my Parents

Date : Wed, 08-Jun-2016   I have learnt my earliest and the best leadership lessons from my Parents. My Father is the face of the family and the “Chairman”, and my Mother the “CEO” and behind the scene worker. However they functioned as Equal Stakeholders. Together they formed a formidable TEAM and created a “Family” which is now over 60 years and running.   The first and the most important lesson of leadership which I l

The Success Journey from Unknown to Known (U2K) for Business Leaders

Date : Tue, 18-Jul-2017 I was intrigued by the title of the American documentary film “The Unknown Known” directed by Academy Award winning filmmaker, Errol Morris, on the former U.S. Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld. At the beginning of the documentary, Rumsfeld argues that a major purpose of the Department of Defense is to evaluate “unknown knowns,” or “the things you think you know, that it turns out – you did not.”   Thi

Way to the Top of the Corporate Pyramid – Part I – A guide to Executive Success

Date : Tue, 08-Mar-2016 The way to the top of the corporate pyramid is to cross the three levels of management namely the junior level, the middle level and the top level of management, to reach the ultimate pinnacle, the position of the CEO. On the way to the top, executives need to effectively manage three main things or areas: 1. Functions - covering functional expertise like production, selling and marketing, administration, finance, accounting and other functions for oper

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